Sunday, December 04, 2005

It’s Sunday morning and the faithful have gathered. One of the signs of the season is the number of women wearing Christmas sweaters. Most of these women would not buy a sweater that can only be worn in December. These showcases of reds and greens are gifts of Christmases past.

Poinsettias decorate the platform at Hometown Friends Church. It’s a tradition for people to have the opportunity to pay $6.50 for a poinsettia that is in honor or in memory of a loved one. I enjoy reading the insert. The “in honor of” section has the warm feel of people wanting to publicly acknowledge family or friends. “In memory of” includes an interesting mix of recently departed and those who have been long gone but are certainly not forgotten.

The pastor’s topic is, “Does God really love?” The faithful have a lot to say about how God loves you, but are less articulate and find it awkward to engage mind and emotions with how God loves me.

The service ends with the lighting of an advent candle. A young mother stays away from pious platitudes about peace as she talks about the emotional pressures of the season. Then she lights the candle of peace.

The faithful sing another song and then head for the exits. The path from pew to car is without delay for some, while others use any excuse to visit with friends they see only at church. And since they live up to their name, they will be back next week.


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