Thursday, February 23, 2006

How many of our “Christian” organizations are self-serving in the sense that they were founded and are maintained for the purpose of serving people on the inside of the family of faith? I’m starting to realize that this is not in sync with the way of Christ. If Christ started a school, I’m guessing he would design it for dropouts and kids from dysfunctional families. If Christ started a publishing company, I expect his target audience would be spiritual seekers instead of those who already believe. And where would Christ shop for books? It’s easier for me to picture him in an eclectic independent store than in a “Christian bookstore.” If Christ had the choice between going to Samaria or to a Christian television studio, he would choose Samaria any day.

The way of Christ involves looking outside the box.


Blogger Michael said...

But what about the times Christ spoke of going first to the Jews, and then to the Gentiles. That his message was first for those in his own faith, then to those with no faith at all.

I think a balance can he had between reaching the down and out, the "women at the well", and calling those in your own faith to be people of true faith and conviction, not ignorant, blind and self-serving religion.

Just a thought so you might see another side of it.

9:24 PM  
Blogger kathy said...

It does seem like individual and corporate discernment is the key. As I said somewhere else, it seems that we are all called to care for different needs so that all needs will be cared for.

Even so, I do think you're right Dan. Christ would spend more time out of the church than in it and his target audience would still be those hungry for deeper faith and healing, even today.

6:30 AM  
Blogger Dan McCracken said...

The comments about diverse individual callings, discernment, and balance are much appreciated. So much of my life and work is "inside" the church that I have to swing my mental pendulum the other direction in my search for balance.

12:44 PM  
Blogger Michael said...

I definitely agree with that Dan. That's how my personal pendulum has swung as well as I've wrestled with my stance on so many issues.

The point I brought up before was only fresh in my mind because I recently came across it in Matthew and didn't know exactly how to take it.

I appreciate, however, the reminder that I am only called to serve the niche that I am called to, and that may be inside, or outside the Church.

4:58 PM  

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