Tuesday, July 04, 2006

George Mueller comes to mind as I continue pondering the issue of trusting God. I find his example appealing, but I don’t really know how to connect with it or apply it. My very limited knowledge of Mueller (1805 – 1898) is that he was a pastor in Bristol, England, who operated an orphanage totally by faith. Instead of letting people know what his needs were, he confidently prayed to God. It is said that the hundreds of orphans never missed a meal, but at times food arrived at the last minute.

If the cupboards got half empty, I’d figure it was time to collect a special offering or sent a fund-appeal letter.


Blogger kathy said...

I see we think alike on this, Dan. I so often see failure to 'do something' as, well, failure. I so easily see God's provision in hindsight without the faith to believe in it in the present moment.

3:25 PM  

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