Saturday, July 29, 2006

In the Friends Church (Quaker) we have this conviction that corporate decision making is a matter of finding the mind of Christ. Obedience to Christ, knowing Christ, listening to the Holy Spirit leads to greater unity than voting. Voting is a lot faster, but it creates winners and losers. The “Quaker way” is a bit idealistic and a lot of time can be spent. Over the past year a task force has spent hours on the issue of whether Northwest Yearly Meeting of Friends Church should have an affiliation with Friends World Committee for Consultation. Local churches discussed the issue. No single item was given more time in the business sessions this week. As the scheduled hour for the last lunch was being pushed back, a voice approval was given to a minute that approved the affiliation. And then the question of what recourse for those who don’t approve and do not feel released to stand aside. They were given the opportunity to record their names in the minutes as not approving the action. The “Quaker way” doesn’t always work the way we think it should, but it gave opportunity for speaking and listening with love and respect for all.


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