Sunday, October 08, 2006

It’s Sunday morning and the faithful have gathered. Today we are going to talk about sex—Jesus People . . . Practice Sexual Integrity. To address sexuality in church is as important as it is uncomfortable. The pastor did a commendable job, but it’s a bigger subject than what can be covered in one Sunday. During the open time after the message a couple of men shared biblical passages, but I was thinking about what I’d like to hear in the follow up sermon. My idea of part 2 is: In the beginning God created sex and it was good (very good). Sin entered the world and not only did it create a divide between the human creation and God, it also created a divide between male and female. God wants to restore wholeness and ultimately he sent his Son—Jesus Christ—as atonement for the sin that entered his perfect world. Redemption through Christ is meant for more than a ticket to heaven. Christians have done a lousy job of figuring out how redemption restores right relationships between men and women so that all the liberty and beauty of sex within marriage can be experienced. And it’s too hard to find models of cross-gender relationships outside of married that are void of unhealthy emotional attachment on one end of the scale or on the other end that aren’t cold and distant in order to keep attraction within proper limits. I’d like Sexual Integrity Part 2 to cover some of the ways good sex is the answer to bad sex. Guilt that comes with bad sex should not be allowed to cast a shadow over the sexuality God gave us and then said, “It is good.”


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