Thursday, May 24, 2007

I have trouble looking natural when my picture is being taken. Last night Cindy was looking at pictures on her computer and reminding me that my smile would look better if I let my teeth show. But I don’t get as much photo flak as one of her brothers. He’s a guy who knows how to smile and laugh, but he doesn’t believe in the cheesy smiles for the camera. He maintains that the serious faces you see in pictures from a couple of generations ago represent the way photos should be taken. As I think of the context when those old pictures were taken it is understandable why people didn’t look like they were at Disneyland—war, poverty, crime, racial conflict, disease.

It makes me wonder what we’re smiling about.


Blogger Karen said...

Depending on how far back you're talking about, some folks weren't smiling because they had a rod up their backs keeping them sitting up straight and had to sit perfectly still for quite some time (including keeping the facial expression still and constant). We don't have those constraints. Besides, our pictures capture how we feel in a moment (or how we're told to look in a moment [Smile!]) and aren't meant to display our longterm feelings about the state of the world.

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