Wednesday, August 15, 2007

To a large degree people drive what they are. When I see a luxury car I know what to expect when it’s close enough to see the driver. They are the well-dressed beautiful people. Minivans probably have more variety than other types of vehicles—lots of young mothers but also gray heads who like the capacity and not having to go low in order to get in. I expect to see a workin’ guy behind the wheel of a pickup. Each type of vehicle has its stereotypical owner—hybrids, SUVs, sports cars, convertibles, mid-size cars that have seen quite a few years and miles. I expect people who sell cars develop a sense of matching a person walking onto the lot with a car even before the conversation begins.

It’s probably not a good idea to judge people by their car, but I’m glad to be a used Honda Accord who is married to a Honda CRV.


Blogger Luke said...

Dan, I've enjoyed reading your thoughts the past few days, as I just found your blog through the link on Michael's page. Thanks for the words. By the way ... I'm a VW Bus driving either a KIA Sephia or a Dodge Grand Caravan ... at least one of them is a van.

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