Sunday, January 27, 2008

It’s Sunday morning and the faithful have gathered. Sometimes people think our faith and practice here at Hometown Friends Church means we don’t buy into symbols. Quakers long ago rebelled against symbols replacing the reality represented by the symbol. This Quaker believes symbols are not a bad thing. They play a vital supporting role in my life and faith. We are talking about communion today and now we are sitting quietly in “open worship.” I’m imagining having with me the big bottle of grape juice that’s in the refrigerator at home, a stack of little paper cups, and a package of crackers. I’m imagining taking these up to the church altar, pouring several cups and lining them up on the altar, picking up a cracker and saying: “This cracker represents the body of Christ that was broken for me and for you.” I’m imagining eating the cracker, picking up a cup, and saying, “This Newman’s Own grape juice represents the blood of Christ that he gave as he gave his life for me and for you.”


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