Friday, January 20, 2006

It’s been three nights in a row that I’ve become impatient with my son (a high school freshman). I’d like to excuse myself by saying he’s immature, but that doesn’t work. Of course he’s immature. He’s fiveteen. If I try to blame my impatience on him, I only show my own immaturity.

Or maybe I can say it’s normal for a parent to be tired and frustrated. If it’s normal, I’d rather be abnormal.

School work has been at the center of these frustrations and since this is Friday, tonight we break the string. And he’s going to be at a friend’s house for a pizza party. This is a circumstance, not a solution.

I do “slow to anger and quick to forgive” half right. I’m thinking I’d do well to take action at the first sign of smoke instead of trying to fight the fire.


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