Thursday, March 23, 2006

A coworker and I have a rule that “fine” is not an acceptable response to the morning “How are you?” question. We make ourselves come up with more creative/descriptive words.

Today I feel exuberant. It’s news of the release of the remaining three Christian Peacemaker Team hostages that makes me feel this way. The statement from the co-directors of Christian Peacemaker Teams includes the appropriate reminder that “our gladness today is made bittersweet by the fact that Tom [Fox] is not alive to join in the celebration.”


Blogger mauri macy said...

i'm glad/thankful/rejoicing as well...tempered only a little by the usual and predictable injection of politics — invective from the right aimed at the ungrateful peace-niks, and the obviously inaccurate word choice often used today, "released"...implying that their captors and killers let them go. Tempered only a little...

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