Wednesday, April 12, 2006

White people are so arrogant. We act as if we are superior. We tend to do what we can to put other races at a disadvantage and then we blame them for the conditions we create. We have done this with Native Americans, Afro-Americans, and Latinos.

I question how honest it is to say, “I’m not racist.” I prefer to use phrases like, “I don’t mean to be racist,” “I continue to work on my racial attitudes,” or “I want to view all races the way God sees them, but I have to confess that cultural stereotypes sometimes sneak in and contaminate my perspective.”

In the Bible the prophet Isaiah called himself a man of unclean lips “and I live among a people of unclean lips.” I think of this as I remind myself of both my individual and my corporate responsibility regarding race.


Blogger peace said...

White people are arrogant? You don't think this trait is really based on skin colour do you?

I think its the human condition, the fallen nature, and everyone is infected with that pride that pits us against God.

India is one of the most racist countries in the world; Japanese believe they are, and feel superior to, other races. Germans, Russians, Chinese - there is no end of people that have been bitten by the sin bug.

So no self loathing allowed here my friend, remorse is defined as an unwillingness to forgive yourself -and Christ himself forgives us; how can we not do so as well?


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