Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Back when Ken Austin was a student at Newberg High School, nobody saw what a contribution he would end up making to the growth, development, and character of Newberg. This evening Ken and Joan (pronounced Jo-anne) are hosting an information meeting to get input from the community regarding their plans to develop 430 acres they own adjacent to the city on the northeast side near their dental equipment business.

Their commitment to quality and innovation has made A-dec America’s largest dental equipment manufacturer. Joan says, "This is a people company. We focus on the long term and build relationships based on trust—from our community, employees, dealers, and suppliers, to our final customers."

I’m reading The A dec Way and seeing it has application for me as an individual and to my relationship with others: (1) Concern for people, (2) Provide opportunities and assist in self-development, (3) Provide an atmosphere encouraging self-satisfaction and pride, (4) Encourage team effort, (5) Maintain complete fairness, honesty, and integrity, (6) Maintain open consistent and regular communication, (7) Encourage public service, (8) Encourage creativity, (9) Commitment to productivity and quality, (10) Maintain consistency, (11) Dedication to improvement, (12) Keep things simple and basic, (13) Build on the basis of "need,” (14) Attention to detail, (15) Conserve resources.


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