Friday, September 01, 2006

I would not want to take a test for mental/emotional health at the same time as buying a used car.

Question: Do you think others are out to get you? Answer: Of course I do.

Question: Are you suspicious and distrustful? Answer: Yes.

On Tuesday I bought a 1999 Honda Accord from someone I don’t know and who lives 25 miles away in NE Portland. “Do you have service reports?” “Why are you selling the car?” “Has it ever been in an accident?” “How long have you had the car?” The seller had good answers. But I was cautious, apprehensive, and looking for flaws and lies. Each day that I drive the car I lose a little bit or my paranoia, but it will take a couple of months of trouble-free driving to lose it all.


Blogger mauri macy said...

one persons's paranoia is another's prudence. you did good.

9:34 PM  

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