Tuesday, February 13, 2007

I get a lot of pleasure from connecting writers and readers. Yesterday when I posted Michael Henderson’s article on the Barclay Press Conversation Café, I asked myself how a small Quaker publisher in Oregon gets a top notch article about William Wilberforce from a nonQuaker Brit who plays tennis with biographer John Pollock. Pollock being quoted in the article had reminded me of reading his biography of Billy Graham years and years ago.

It was through one of those wonderful “friend of a friend” linkages that I connected with Michael when he lived in Oregon for a time. I love being in the overlapping ripples of information and inspiration that move smoothly across denominational lines and geographic borders. As Michael said yesterday in his e-mail from across the pond: “I get the impression now with the web that nothing is local.” Or maybe we could say that everything is local.


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