Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Mad Purple-Hued Maltworms—it’s the name of one of the 41 teams participating in Relay for Life in Newberg this weekend. The name seems well suited for a teen rock band, but actually it comes from William Shakespeare (Henry IV according to my Google search). Colleen Richmond taught literature at George Fox University until she lost her battle against cancer in January. Her friends are continuing the fight by supporting the work of the American Cancer Society. And they honor her with a creative team name.


Blogger Margaret Faye said...

I was in the Ph.D. program with Colleen. She was a kind, dedicated, and very smart person. I was saddened to hear of her death. I hope it offers some comfort to her family and friends to know that her life made an impact on me. I will always remember her as someone whom I want to emulate. I hope she and her medieval mystics are chatting away in heaven, talking over each other with enthusiasm and spirit.

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