Sunday, March 26, 2006

It’s Sunday morning and the faithful have gathered. I considered whether God’s instruction about a day of rest included not having to get up and go to church this morning. Since Hometown Friends Church does a podcast of the service, I could have heard it at a more convenient time this week. But I would not have recognized the voice reading the scripture because I didn’t recognize the face or the name listed in the worship folder. I would not have known who was singing in the worship ensemble or noted that 4 of the 11 singers attended the Emerging Writers retreat last weekend. I wouldn’t have had the chance to go sit with the friend whose spouse has recently been in a hospital bed, then a nursing home bed, and now at home. I would not have seen the physical response to the service or sensed that mystical dynamic that comes by being with a group of people who are trying to listen to Christ. I wouldn’t have heard a Friendsview resident’s compliment of my daughter.

Podcast might be the next best thing to being there, but there are significant ways it falls short.


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