Sunday, October 15, 2006

It’s Sunday morning and the faithful have gathered. Last week the topic was sex and this week it’s forgiveness. Three weeks ago it was honesty. Dealing with some tough issues doesn’t seem to have an impact on attendance at Hometown Friends Church. I guess it might not look good to stop coming to church after one of these sermons.

One point made was that forgiveness in not optional for the follower of Christ. I remember reading a book more than twenty years ago by David Augsburger—Caring Enough to Forgive / Caring Enough Not to Forgive. I think Augsburger’s point is that there is a false forgiveness in which forgiveness can be used by both victim and perpetrator as a broom to sweep hurts and unresolved issues under the rug.

The biblical example in the sermon had to do with Joseph forgiving his brothers who had sold him into slavery. I thought of the Oregon “kicker” when mention was made of what Joseph had done for Egypt by interpreting a dream and managing a plan for seven years of plenty followed by seven years of famine.


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