Thursday, February 15, 2007

Yesterday Gayle Beebe announced to his Spring Arbor University community that he will be leaving the end of June to become president of Westmont College in Santa Barbara, California. I’m making an obscure connection between this public even and a simple crossing of paths yesterday with my daughter Abbie. I happened to look out the window at the same time she was walking past my office in the direction of Coffee Cottage. When I was headed that way about a half hour later I went to the Cottage expecting to see her. She was having lunch with Marcile Crandall. Marcile has been her mentor in the Quaker Leadership Program. And now I jump back to Gayle. When Gayle came to George Fox College as a freshman his dad told him that the people he would meet, the professors with whom he would study, and the books he would read would fundamentally shape the destiny of his life’s journey. My prayer today is that this will be true in the same kind of positive way for Abbie.


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