Wednesday, May 02, 2007

The simple message on their signs was “CONTROL GROWTH.” I saw them at a couple of major intersections as I was on my way home yesterday after work. The women holding the signs looked like intelligent young mothers who probably live in nice homes and drive late model minivans or SUVs—or perhaps even something a bit more sporty. They would like Newberg residents to vote no on annexing some land into the city.

I wonder if these women with the signs shop at Fred Meyer and enjoy the size of the store and the variety it offers. I’d like to know what they think of Newberg’s new hospital. I’d be interested to know if they’ve eaten at Cooperstown or patronized any other recent additions to the local business community. And I’m thinking about people who raise their families and pay property tax in the tri-county metro area, but spend their career hours in Newberg. These people are medical professionals at the hospital, business owners, employees at the world-class dental manufacturing company, professors at the university, and more. I wonder if it would be a good thing to give these people more options to become resident instead of commuters.


Blogger Robin M. said...

The other piece of controlling growth, if you are concerned about urban sprawl, is to support higher density of housing along the existing transit corridors. I wonder if the moms with signs would support that instead.

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