Saturday, March 01, 2008

A big long nail—the kind used with rain gutters—went through the bottom and out the side of our tire. When I went to the tire shop this morning I was counting on an interesting magazines on the table in the waiting area. A guy I know was reading a book as he waited, so I put an end to that by sitting near him and starting a conversation.

After his car was ready I noticed a man who came in and looked familiar. I’m not good at recognizing faces or remembering names. So I embarrass myself if I take some initiative and miss an opportunity if I don’t. If it was who I thought it might be, he is a forester and his last name is Smith. Without being able to come up with a first name that matched, I introduced myself watching for any sign that he recognized my name or face. It paid off. We kept visiting even after the serviceman brought my keys. My life is a little richer for having taken a chance.


Blogger Steve said...

And I'm glad you stop me from reading my book. The conversation was better then a book.

9:15 PM  

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