Thursday, January 26, 2006

I grew up hearing at church about the Aymara people in Bolivia. Friends (Quakers) in the Northwest ministered to this people group in Bolivia and Peru up until recent years when the national Friends church has developed to the place where support from missionary staff is no longer needed. So I paid a little more attention than I would have otherwise when I saw that Bolivia has a new president. Evo Morales took office on Sunday as the first Aymara president of Bolivia. Indigenous people make up 60% of the Bolivia population, but are among the poorest. Morales pledged to bring an end to 500 years of discrimination against indigenous people and promises to abstain from vengence.

Morales created some fashion attention by wearing a colorful striped alpaca wool sweater instead of a suit in some high level settings. Look-alike sweaters have already become popular in Bolivia and a more authentic "forget protocol" sweater is available online.


Blogger Michael said...

Thanks for this post. I think the thing of note is that he "promises to abstain from vengence." This is crucial as the recent history of Bolivia has been dictated by such vengence. It has been these constant "revoluciones" by the Aymara people which have caused so much political turmoil. It will be that promise which could change the political and economic tide for good.

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