Thursday, July 13, 2006

I was talking on the phone last night with one of my sisters. Our dad is turning 90 late next month and we are planning a birthday party. My dad seems to prefer not to be the center of attention and since it is his party, we want him to be comfortable. It has me wondering how much the quiet types eschew attention or if they enjoy praise just as much as any of us. I wonder if their reserve and humility just makes them feel awkward, but down inside where we can’t see they soak up compliments like a sponge. I’m thinking we better take a chance on letting a little light shine into those inner places even if it bloats the social comfort zone.


Blogger K. Johnson said...

I imagine quiet people do enjoy praise, just maybe not receiving it in front of others.

It seems to me that sometimes the public compliments and praises that we wish to offer are enjoyed more by others in the audience who share that high opinion of the quiet person than by the quiet person himself.

Perhaps a neat compromise would be in gathering memories and admiration in a form that Grandpa could look at later and treasure.

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