Monday, March 10, 2008

I watched “Meet the Press” yesterday. It was all about the Democratic presidential primary. One of the things discussed was whether Obama or Clinton would serve as Vice-president for the other. Other people find it easier to see that than I do.

Democrats don’t want to have to decide between the two. Individual voters are torn, but a mystical group-think dynamic also has a subtle pull. It’s a little like the dynamic of the public pendulum swing that seems to prefer executive and legislative not being controlled by the same party.

One of the questions being asked is whether Barak Obama needs to get tougher. Can he win without going negative? My feeling is that neither Clinton nor Obama should be saying anything that might make a good ad for McCain in the fall.

McCain isn’t going to give a candid answer about who he wants to run against, but I think everyone knows who would solve his problem of activating the conservative base of the Republican party.


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