Tuesday, January 31, 2006

When I listen to the State of the Union address tonight I’m going to try to curb my cynicism. I’d like to be fair and thoughtful in my reaction to what I hear. But I don’t want to be naive. When the President talks about helping people with the rising costs of health care, I will not ignore the fact that the White House helped Congress pass a bill that the budget office says will reduce coverage and increase the number of uninsured. This bill has been passed by the Senate and is scheduled for a House vote Wednesday. It makes cuts in Medicaid, Medicare, student loans, and more. Congressmen who vote for it and the President who will sign it will label it as fiscal responsibility and deficit reduction, but they are not being responsible or responsive to the needs of poor and lower income Americans and they are looking in the wrong places for deficit reduction.


Blogger Michael said...

so what did you think?

9:42 AM  
Blogger Dan McCracken said...

Efforts to reduce dependence on foreign oil is a good thing. I'm glad the President rejects isolationism, but I think he expects the rest of the world to play by our rules. I believe it is right to fight HIV/AIDS and to combat terrorism. I think the administration continues to make bad decisions about the best ways to fight terrorism.

Kenneth Lay, Jack Abramoff, and so many others are living proof that more math and science in our schools won't solve some of our most basic problems.

When the President said, "In the last five years, the tax relief you passed has left 880 billion dollars in the hands of American workers, investors, small businesses, and families," he displayed his belief that tax relief for the most wealthy benefits the entire country. I don't see it working that way.

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